To my dear Reader

I thank you, for taking time to come across this journal of mine. I believe art, the ability to express one’s thoughts, feelings and numerous emotions is the greatest of all sciences. Here, as I attempt to share my thoughts, I sincerely hope it would be less mundane as I portray the commonplace in my own light. By opening our minds to views other than our own, we move a step towards becoming better individuals as we present the opportunity to inspire and let ourselves get inspired. I therefore, thank you once again, for including me in your noble endeavour.

yours ever,


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12 thoughts on “To my dear Reader”

  1. Very nicely written 🙂

  2. Super daaaa 🙂

  3. gr8 na… 🙂

  4. Thoufik Rahuman said:

    Super machan 🙂

  5. It is very nice …..


  6. Danielle Bennett said:

    I love it.; 0) awesome job. Kanna! Nanbaa! Worded so good.

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